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Strain-Induced Activity Enhancement for Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalysis and Oxygen Ion Transport


Strained oxide materials, Catalysts, Oxygen reduction reactions, Oxygen ion transport, Thin-film deposition


Electrochemical energy conversion devices, such as fuel cells, catalytic reaction chambers, and membranes for oxygen gas separation in oxyfuel combustion systems


    Limited surface exchange efficiency of traditional bulk oxide materials


This invention introduces strained oxide materials that include epitaxial thin-film deposition, core-shell particle synthesis and thermal and/or chemical induced strain of epitaxial thin-film or core-shell particles. The strain is induced by the lattice mismatch between the shell and core materials, and by the curvature of the core particle and conformal coating of the shell. The procedure for preparing the substrate and deposing the thin-films is provided.

  • Significant improvement of electrical and chemical surface exchange coefficients
  • Fabrication at low costs

  • Professor Yang Shao-Horn (Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT)
  • Dr. Gerardo J. La O’ (Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT)
  • Dr. Sung-Jin Ahn (Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT)
  • Ethan Jon Crumlin (Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT)

Intellectual Property:

PCT Patent Application PCT/US2010/01973, filed on July 14, 2010



Last revised:April 29, 2013

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