Case 14368

Angular Photonic Band Gap


Light discrimination based on angle of incidence, photonic crystal, anisotropic dielectric response


Solar energy applications


Efficiency of the solar-energy conversion is limited by re-radiation of sun-light which causes energy loss.


This invention presents numerical simulations of a novel class of material systems that strongly discriminate light based on the angle of incidence, over a broad range of frequencies, and irrespective of the polarization. Unique properties of these systems emerge from exploring photonic crystals whose constituents have anisotropic dielectric response.


For solar energy applications, this technology enables nearly perfect green-house effect.

  • Professor Marin Soljacic (Department of Physics, MIT)
  • Ivan Celanovic (Institute of Soldier Nanotechnologies, MIT)
  • Rafif Hamam (Department of Physics, MIT)

Intellectual Property:

US Patent Application Number 13/186159, filed on July 19, 2011


The Economist: Building a better suntrap- A novel approach to solar power may help to improve its efficiency (1/11/2012)

MIT News: Turning heat into power (2/3/2012)

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