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Passive Self-tuning Energy Harvester for Rotational Motion


Self-tuning energy harvester, resonance, rotational motion with variable speed


Energy harvester for variable rotational speed systems, such as tire pressure-monitoring systems.


Conventional resonant vibrational energy harvesters have fixed resonant frequencies and have limited applicability to time-dependent vibrational environments, such as automobile engines or wheels.


This invention proposes an energy harvester for rotational motion that is self-tuned to resonate with the rotational frequency. As the rotation frequency changes, the resonant frequency of the energy harvester is adjusted by passively varying tension on a the vibrating beam. A prototype on a simulated rotating car wheel demonstrated significantly improved performance compared with untuned harvester performance.


Significantly increases the bandwidth of harvesters for rotating systems, especially well suited for variable speed systems


Intellectual Property:

PCT Patent Application PCT/US2011/051721, filed on September 15, 2011


Applied Physics Letters, 97.081904-1, 24 August 2010 Proceedings of the The 10th International Workshop on Micro and Nanotechnology for Power Generation and Energy Conversion Applications (PowerMEMS 2010), December 2010, p. 215-218.

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