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Parabolic Solar Concentrators Using Optimized Bands


Precision parabolic mirrors, low cost fabrication, solar energy


Solar thermal mirror collectors


Precision parabolic mirrors are expensive to fabricate and to transport.


This invention allow flat mirror elements to be easily fabricated and efficiently packaged and shipped to field sites and assembled into the parabolic trough concentrators with potentially substantial costs reductions compared with conventional methods. The mirror is formed from a thin flat very flexible metal sheet with a highly reflective surface. Attached to the rear surface of the mirror sheet is a backbone band whose figure is optimized to form the reflective sheet into a precision parabola when its two ends are pulled toward each other.

  • A factor of 10 improvements in the performance of optimized band compared to a simple rectangular band.
  • Easy to fabricate and cost-effective.


Intellectual Property:

US Patent Application 13/095115 filed 4/27/2011

PCT Patent Application PCT/US2012/029740 filed 3/20/2012


IDETC/CIE 2011 Paper

Last revised: April 21, 2011

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