Case 15281

Thermally Stable Nano Structure for Selective Emitter


Tungsten Selective Emitters, thermophotovoltaic (TPV) systems, Flat Surface Tungsten Photonic Crystal (FSTPC), solar thermal photovoltaics


Solar Thermal Photovoltaics


Photonic crystals have periodic nano-structures to control the motion of photons at certain wavelengths, giving off light radiation at favorable wavelengths to be absorbed by the adjacent PV cells. These nano-structures lose their structural integrity at high temperatures, which disrupt the tight tolerances required for spectral control of light radiation.


This invention aims to provide high temperature stability of tungsten selective emitters using the Flat Surface Tungsten Photonic Crystal (FSTPC). The air in nano-pits is replaced with damascened IR transparent ceramic material and coated with a surface diffusion barrier, resulting in a flattened emitter surface with a negligible second derivative of the curvature. This will minimize or eliminate the surface diffusion even at high temperatures.

  • Improved thermal stability at high temperatures

  • Professor Sang-Gook Kim(Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT)
  • Heon Ju Lee (Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT)
  • Stephen Paul Bathust (Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT)

Intellectual Property:

US Patent Application Number 13/683704, filed on November 21, 2012

PCT Patent Application Number PCT/US2012/066327, filed on November 21, 2012



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