FastMaxwell is an open-source, full-wave, 3D, electromagnetic solver for efficient extraction of interconnect structures above a substrate. The code is accelerated via the efficient discrete complex image method, efficient full-wave integration routines and an iterative precorrected fast Fourier transform matrix vector product. The code has been tested on a variety of large scale (up to 300,000 unknowns) structures.
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External Packages
Within FastMaxwell we use a variety of packages:
  1. Pfft++: Adopted to suit our implementation, this package is embedded within our implementation and does not require external download or special installation procedure.
  2. SuperLU 3.0: for solving large sparse linear systems in order to compute the preconditioner (requires separate installation steps)
  3. IT++: (requires separate installation steps)
  4. FFTW: (requires separate installation steps)
  5. BLAS: (requires separate installation steps)
  6. LAPACK: (requires separate installation steps)

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