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The following represent a set of thesis and technical papers relevant to a more detailed understanding of the algorithms used with in FastMaxwell
  1. pFFT in FastMaxwell: This paper contains a summary of the pFFT implementation. It was published in DATE 07
  2. DCIM_FastIntegeration : this paper contains a summary of the algorithms implemented within FastMaxwell to accelerate the evaluation of Green's function and the numerical integration routines.
  3. XinHu_Thesis: this thesis includes a complete description of the algorithms in FastMaxwell and includes a list of references relevant to the better understanding of the details.
  4. pFFT: this web site contains all the technical details related to the enhanced pFFT algorithm as implemented by Zhenhai Zhu
  5. for more details related to the discretization and mesh analysis consult FastHenry or Matt Kamon's Phd Thesis

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