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Publications - 2011

Soundararajan V, Zheng S, Patel N, Warnock K, Raman R, Wilson IA, Raguram S, Sasisekharan V, Sasisekharan R. Networks link antigenic and receptor-binding sites of influenza hemagglutinin: Mechanistic insight into fitter strain propagation.Sci Rep. 2011;1:200. Epub 2011 Dec 19. [PMID: 22355715]

Aich U, Shriver Z, Tharakaraman K, Sasisekharan R. Competitive inhibition of heparin by persulfonated glycosaminoglycans: a tool to detect heparin contamination.Anal Chem 2011 Oct 15; 83(20): 7815-22. [PMID: 21863856]

Belser JA, Jayaraman A, Raman R, Pappas C, Zeng H, Cox NJ, Katz JM, Sasisekharan R, Tumpey TM. Effect of D222G mutation in the hemagluttinin protein on receptor bidning, pathogenesis and transmissability of the 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus.PLos One. 2011; 6(9); e25091. [PMID 21966421]

Bosques CJ, Collins BE, Meador JW 3rd, Sarvaiya H, Murphy JL, Dellorusso G, Bullik DA, Hsu IH, Washburn N, Sipsey SF, Myette JR, Raman R, Shriver Z, Sasisekharan R, Venkataraman G. Chinese hamster ovary cells can produce galactose-1, 3-galactose antigens on proteins. Nat Biotechnol 2011 May; 29(5): 459.

Aich U, Beckley N, Shriver Z, Raman R, Viswanathan K, Hobbie S, Sasisekharan R. Glycomics-based analysis of chicken red blood cells provides insight into the selectivity of the viral agglutination assay. FEBS J 2011 May; 278(10): 16990712. [PMID: 21410647]

Maines TR, Chen L-M, Van Hoeven N, Tumpey TM, Blixt O, Belser JA, Gustin KM, Pearce MB, Pappas C. Stevens J, Cox NJ, Paulson JC, Raman R, Sasisekharan R, Katz JM, Donis RO. Effect of receptor binding domain mutations on receptor binding and transmissability of avian influenza H5N1 viruses. Virology 2011 Apr 25; 413(1): 139-147.

Jayaraman A, Pappas C, Raman R, Belser JA, Viswanathan K, Shriver Z, Tumpey TM, Sasisekharan R. A single base-pair change in 2009 H1N1 hemagglutinin increases human receptor affinity and leads to efficient airborne viral transmission in ferrets. PLos One 2011 Mar 2; 6(3): e17616.









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