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The Sasisekharan Laboratory employs multidisciplinary strategies to develop and integrate technologies to further study complex polysaccharides important to a host of disease processes. A central goal is to ultimately develop novel therapeutic approaches to alleviate suffering from disease and promote overall human health.



In the recent past, biomedical scientists have been primarily concerned with intracellular events at the genetic and protein levels. Recently, a wealth of new information has revealed that extracellular environment exert tremendous influences in normal and aberrant pathophysiology. Our efforts are thus largely associated with a third class of important biomolecules that occur extracellularly—the glycans.


One thrust of our work is geared towards the development and extension of a variety of technological platforms that could advance our understanding of human health and disease. We participate in this field, by coupling engineering and computational approaches to elucidate complex biomedical phenomena.


The vast structural complexity of glycans complicate the development of novel pharmacological approaches to treat human disease. In order to fully appreciate the therapeutic potential of glycan-based strategies. We are developing bioinformatics tools that will organize, integrate, and characterize the enormous amounts of data generated on glycan structure and function.

Human Pathophysiology & Biotherapeutics

Complex glycans—located at the surfaces of cells, deposited in the extracellular matrix, and attached to soluble signaling molecules—play a crucial role in the phenotypic expression of cellular genotypes. We are investigating the indispensable role of these molecules in human physiology as well as in disease processes. Complex glycans act on a multicellular level, at the interface between cells, tissues, and organs, to coordinate biological processes. From a biological perspective, complex glycans represent a promising, but to date largely untapped, source for the development of novel therapeutics. Our lab has been exploring various biotherapeutic applications.

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