Policy for 20.200 Biological Engineering Student Seminar Series (BATS)

This seminar series is intended to provide graduate students in the Department of Biological Engineering with a valuable experience in public speaking and in the presentation of research findings. As such, all students in BE must register for 20.200 for the Fall and Spring terms each year (1-0-2 units credit; P/D/F) and attend all of the weekly seminars. Faculty and students are reminded that no BE graduate student will be excused from speaking in the seminar series for any reason; missed presentations must be rescheduled.

all 3rd and 4th year students will present each year. Currently, 3rd-year students in the Fall semester and 4th-years in the Spring semester.

Speaking Assignments. Speaking assignments will be made by BE staff in charge of the subject. Students wishing to change the assigned date must do so by making arrangements with other students and informing BE staff and research supervisors in writing; the staff members in charge will not be responsible for arranging changes. Missed presentations will be rescheduled during finals week at the end of each term. Students in their 1st and 2nd year of the graduate program who have conflicts with elective subjects must petition to be excused from attending BATS.