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Brochures, Flyers, and Handouts

Training Sessions, Speakers, and Workshops




Educational Resources: Brochures, Flyers & Handouts
Additional resources will continue to be added to this page and to our Allies Toolkit page.

What is Transgender?   (an educational brochure in PDF)

Letter sent to the MIT Community Announcing
Nondiscrimination Policy Change

From the Trans@MIT Allies Toolkit:

Action Tips for Allies of Trans People (an info sheet in PDF)

Recommended Reading List (info sheet in PDF)

Recommended Reading for Medical and Mental Health Providers
Lists medical and history-of-science focused books, as well as online resources for clinical guidelines, health information brochures, and examples of hormone protocols
(info sheet in PDF)

Trans and Gender Variant Terminology (12-page glossary, PDF)

Table: Gender Neutral Pronoun Usage (PDF info sheet)

Please also see our page of Trainings and Workshops, as well as our Resources page.

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