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Being Trans@MIT:

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Support and Community

MIT Trans*-Focused Groups   |   Local Boston-Area Groups

New! MIT trans-news email list
The trans-news at MIT email list is a moderated list providing MIT/local news, event announcements, and other items of interest to trans* people and allies at MIT. Go to for additional information or to subscribe.

Trans* Issues Group at MIT
The Trans* Issues Group is an independent group of MIT staff, faculty, and students (trans* people and allies) who are working to explore and assess the areas of MIT policy and community life where trans concerns may be better addressed. The Group also advocates for improvements as needed in those areas.

If you wish to know more about the work we are doing, or if you would like to join the Group, please feel free to email the Trans* Issues Group. Your confidentiality will be protected. (Click here to read the Trans* Issues Group Confidentiality Statement).

Local Boston-Area Support/Social Groups

Boston Area Trans Support
A peer run support group for young (teen, college, twenty-something) transgender people in the Boston area. This group was formed in response to other groups that already exist that do not meet the expectations and concerns for those in this age group, therefore joining the group is based on this. It is otherwise inclusive of those who are questioning their gender, from MTF to FTM to genderqueer to whatever gender descriptor you prefer. It is for those who are seeking others of similiar age for support in realization of one's gender identity, help with coming-out, transition concerns, and anything that else that members wish to bring up. Emphasis on group participation with the flow of each meeting not to be dictacted by any one member, and no particular end is promoted over another (to transition or not to transition, etc.). A LGBTIQ friendly safe space, with confidentiality agreement among members to respect other member's discussion.

Meetings will be held at MIT's LGBT student space in Cambridge.

Tiffany Club of New England
The Tiffany Club's mission is to provide outreach and support and to be active in the Transgender Community. The club is mainly comprised of people on the MTF spectrum. TCNE holds weekly Tuesday meetings at their clubhouse in Waltham, MA. They also sponsor 'You Are Not Alone," and informal support group open to all transgender or questioning people.



Trans* is an umbrella term which describes people whose gender identities and expressions are not fully defined by the gender they were assigned at birth. Trans* people may identify as one, none, or with several of the following gender-related identities: Agender, androgyne, bigender, gender fluid, genderfree, genderless, genderqueer, intergender, multigender, neutral, neutrois, nonbinary, third gender, trans*, transgender, transsexual, trans man, trans woman, and two-spirit, among others.


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