Congratulations to the 2010 Prize Winners!

Youth Gold Division Champions: Marzipan Albatross (Bromfield School)

Youth Gold Division Runners-Up: The Hoagies (of Lexington)

Youth Silver Division Champions: How Much Physics Do We Know?
Enough To Be Dangerous (Boston Latin School)

Youth Silver Division Runners-Up: Brookline High School Beta

Open Division Champions: "I still dunno yet..."

Open Division Runners-Up: "The Dopamines"

Round-by-Round results here.

A winning team's story.

And here are some photos from the 2010 Challenge

Audience and teams gather for the event
MIT Professor Alex Slocum, the event's moderator, opens the competition
A typical question for the teams to answer
One of the teams concentrates on their answer
So does another
The audience has fun too
The contest judges tally the results
Marzipan Albatross, Youth Gold Division Champions, work out a question
Brookline High Beta, Youth Silver Division Runners-Up, pose with their schoolmates
The Hoagies, Youth Gold Division Runners-Up, sport their new sweatshirts
Team "How Much Physics Do We Know? Enough To Be Dangerous" were the Youth Silver Division Champions
Brookline High BETA shows their team name
Team "I still dunno yet ..." were repeat Open Division Champions, with moderator Alex Slocum
The Youth Gold Division winners - "Marzipan Albatross" - enjoy their dinner with
Wolfgang Ketterle, 2001 Physics Nobel Laureate