Braintree WAMPS have lunch with Nobel Laureate Professor Robert Horvitz, June 22, 2011.

Congratulations to the 2011 Prize Winners!

Youth Gold Division Champions: Flora and the Faunas (Lexington HS)

Youth Gold Division Runners-Up: Newton North 1 (tie)

Youth Gold Division Runners-Up: Commwealth School 1 (tie)

Youth Silver Division Champions: Wamps (Braintree HS)

Youth Silver Division Runners-Up: Mercedes Benzene (Medford HS)

Open Division Champions: "I Haz Laser"

Open Division Runners-Up: "Schrodinger's Cool Cats" (tie)

Open Division Runners-Up: "Underdogs" (tie)

2011 Round-by-Round results here.

The entire album of photos from 2011.

And here are some Featured Photos from the 2011 Challenge

Audience and teams gather for the event
MIT Professor Walter Lewin, the event's moderator
A typical question for the teams to answer
One of the teams concentrates on their answer
So does another
And another
The audience has fun
And so does a team
More teams working
The contest judges tally the results
The results are announced
The event is over
The Youth Gold Division winners - "Flora and the Faunas" - with
Richard Schrock, 2005 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
Likewise the Youth Silver Division winners - "WAMPS" - with
Robert Horvitz, 2002 Nobel Laureate in Medicine
The Open Division winners - "I Haz Laser" - with
Jerome Friedman, 1990 Nobel Laureate in Physics