Braintree WAMPS have lunch with Nobel Laureate Professor Robert Horvitz, June 22, 2011.

Congratulations to the 2013 Prize Winners!

Youth Gold Division Champions: Merpeople
(Commonwealth School, Boston)

Youth Gold Division Runners-Up: (tie)
Intuit Integrals
(King Philip Regional HS, Wrentham)
Higgs Bosons
(Melrose Veterans Memorial MS)

Youth Silver Division Champions: O'Bryant Tigers
(O'Bryant School of Math and Science, Boston)

Youth Silver Division Runners-Up: Blue Diamonds
(Phillips Academy, Andover)

Open Division Champions: Schrodinger's Cool Cats
(Brandeis/Newton North Alumni)

Open Division Runners-Up: Walter Lewin's Best Lines
(MIT Alumni)

Top Middle School: Higgs Bosons
(Melrose Veterans Memorial MS)

2013 Science Trivia Program.

2013 Round-by-Round results here.

The entire album of photos from 2013.

And here are some Featured Photos from the 2013 Challenge

Teams and audience members gather in the lobby of the Broad Institute.
Volunteers and organizers from the MIT Club of Boston confer at the registration table.
Event sponsor Cambridge Science Festival provided attendees with lots of great giveaways.
Teams check-out a great intro video of the event moderator, Prof. Walter Lewin.
The entire auditorium hushes as the contest is about to begin.
Prof. Lewin provides the answer, along with some great insight.
A team huddles to discuss the question ...
as does another.
Teams mingle and await the judge's decisions.
Finger-mustaches are not required, but are definitely encouraged.
After all, the MIT Science Trivia Challenge is all about creating smiles and having fun!
A quick word from MathWorks, one of the event's great sponsors.
Team "Blue Diamonds" - Youth Silver Division Runners-Up!
Team "O'Bryant Tigers" - Youth Silver Division Champions!
Team "Walter Lewin's Best Lines" - Open Division Runners-Up!
Team "Schrodinger's Cool Cats" - returning Open Division Champions!
Team "The Higgs Bosons" - the top scoring Middle School team!
Team "The Intuit Integrals" - Youth Gold Division Runners-Up! In new hoodies, provided by the MIT Coop.
Team "The Merpeople" - Youth Gold Division Champions!
Prize winners getting an autographed picture from Prof. Lewin.
A future team, perhaps.