Congratulations to the 2014 Prize Winners!

High School Gold Division Champions: JJ and the Meerkats
(Groton School, Groton)

High School Gold Division Runners-Up: Merfolk
(Commonwealth School, Boston)

High School Silver Division Champions: Blue Diamonds

High School Silver Division Runners-Up: (tie)
CRLS Lady Scientists
The Ogrelords
(Newton North High School)

Middle School Division Champions: Nano Know it Alls
(King Philip Middle School)

Middle School Division Runners-Up: Smarticle Particles
(King Philip Middle School)

2014 Science Trivia Program.

2014 Round-by-Round results here.

The entire album of photos from 2014.

And here are some Featured Photos from the 2014 Challenge

Prof. Lewin and the teams prepare for the start of the contest.
The entire auditorium quiets as the contest is about to begin.
A team watches as Prof. Lewin explains the rules of the contest.
Likewise another team.
A team begins work on the first question.
Prof. Lewin presents the next question.
A team works on a question.
as does another.
and another.
A quick word from MathWorks, one of the event's great sponsors.
Back to it -- a team works on the next question.
and another team.
Prof. Lewin explains the answer to a question.
Eureka, I've got it!
The MIT Club of Boston volunteers who made the event happen.
Team "JJ and the Meerkats" - High School Gold Division Champions!
Team "Merfolk" - High School Gold Division Runners-Up!
Team "Blue Diamonds" - High School Silver Champions!
Team "CRLS Lady Scientists" - High School Silver Division Runners-Up! (tied)
Team "The Ogrelords" - High School Silver Division Runners-Up! (tied)
Team "Nano Know it Alls" - Middle School Division Champions!
Team "Smarticle Particles" - Middle School Division Runners-Up!