MIT Kerberos Documentation

Kerberos Documentation Relay


  1. The documentation must be useful;
  2. The documentation must be correct;
  3. The documentation must be detailed, but optimized. No verbose mode;
  4. The documentation should be built incrementally;
  5. The documentation should be easy to maintain;
  6. The documentation should be examined to identify the approaches that do not work;


  1. The Work-To-Do list is created and updated based on the input from the community.
  2. Administrator supports the Work-To-Do list.
  3. Writer picks up the item from this list (such as specific API) and writes the documentation
  4. Committee reviews the documentation and recommends it to be accepted as-is or to be revised
  5. If the documentation needs revision, it is sent to the initial writer or someone else for completion
  6. Once Committee approves the document, it is proofread by the designated engineer
  7. Documented is posted on the web

Feedback and Comments

At the moment the comments should be sent via email to

The html version of this documentation has a “feedback” link (within the sidebar) to the email address with the pre-constructed subject line “Documentation”.