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Favorite Papers

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Ganin, Yaroslav et al. "Synthesizing programs for images using reinforced adversarial learning." 2018. [pdf]

Konidaris, George, Leslie Pack Kaelbling, and Tomas Lozano-Perez. "From skills to symbols: Learning symbolic representations for abstract high-level planning." JAIR. 2018. [pdf]

Riochet, Ronan, et al. "IntPhys: A framework and benchmark for visual intuitive physics reasoning." arXiv. [pdf]

Srinivas, Aravind, et al. "Universal planning networks." arXiv. [pdf]


Duan, Yan, et al. "One-shot imitation learning." NIPS. 2017. [pdf]

Ellis, Kevin, et al. "Learning to infer graphics programs from hand-drawn images." arXiv. 2017. [pdf]

Fraccaro, Marco, et al. "A disentangled recognition and nonlinear dynamics model for unsupervised learning." NIPS. 2017. [pdf]

Kawaguchi, Kenji, Leslie Pack Kaelbling, and Yoshua Bengio. "Generalization in deep learning." arXiv. 2017. [pdf]

Lake, Brenden M., et al. "Building machines that learn and think like people." BBS. 2017. [pdf]

Mishra, Nikhil, Pieter Abbeel, and Igor Mordatch. "Prediction and control with temporal segment models." ICML. 2017. [pdf]

Pathak, Deepak, et al. "Curiosity-driven exploration by self-supervised prediction." ICML. 2017. [pdf]

Stewart, Russell, and Stefano Ermon. "Label-free supervision of neural networks with physics and domain knowledge." AAAI. 2017. [pdf]

Zhu, Shaojun, Andrew Kimmel, and Abdeslam Boularias. "Information-theoretic model identification and policy search using physics engines with application to robotic manipulation." arXiv. 2017. [pdf]


Agrawal, Pulkit, et al. "Learning to poke by poking: Experiential learning of intuitive physics." NIPS. 2016. [pdf]

Battaglia, Peter, et al. "Interaction networks for learning about objects, relations and physics." NIPS. 2016. [pdf]

Chang, Michael B., et al. "A compositional object-based approach to learning physical dynamics." NIPS. 2016. [pdf]

Garnelo, Marta, Kai Arulkumaran, and Murray Shanahan. "Towards deep symbolic reinforcement learning." arXiv. 2016. [pdf]

Levine, Sergey, et al. "End-to-end training of deep visuomotor policies." JMLR. 2016. [pdf]

Tran, Dustin, et al. "Edward: A library for probabilistic modeling, inference, and criticism." arXiv. 2016. [pdf]

Zhou, Yilun, and George Konidaris. "Representing and learning complex object interactions." RSS. 2016. [pdf]


Kitaev, Nikita, et al. "Physics-based trajectory optimization for grasping in cluttered environments." Robotics and Automation ICRA. 2015. [pdf]

Lake, Brenden M., Ruslan Salakhutdinov, and Joshua B. Tenenbaum. "Human-level concept learning through probabilistic program induction." Science. 2015. [pdf]

Schaul, Tom, et al. "Universal value function approximators." ICML. 2015. [pdf]

Watter, Manuel, et al. "Embed to control: A locally linear latent dynamics model for control from raw images." NIPS. 2015. [pdf]

Wu, Jiajun, et al. "Galileo: Perceiving physical object properties by integrating a physics engine with deep learning." NIPS. 2015. [pdf]


Battaglia, Peter W., Jessica B. Hamrick, and Joshua B. Tenenbaum. "Simulation as an engine of physical scene understanding." PNAS. 2013. [html]

Deisenroth, Marc, and Carl E. Rasmussen. "PILCO: A model-based and data-efficient approach to policy search." ICML. 2011. [pdf.]

Kaelbling, Leslie Pack, and Tomás Lozano-Pérez. "Hierarchical task and motion planning in the now." ICRA. 2011. [pdf.]

Levine, Sergey, and Vladlen Koltun. "Guided policy search." ICML. 2013. [pdf]

Moldovan, Bogdan, et al. "Learning relational affordance models for robots in multi-object manipulation tasks." ICRA. 2012. [pdf]

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Todorov, Emanuel, Tom Erez, and Yuval Tassa. "Mujoco: A physics engine for model-based control." Intelligent Robots and Systems IROS. 2012. [pdf]

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Before 1990

Agre, Philip E., and David Chapman. "Pengi: An Implementation of a Theory of Activity." AAAI. 1987. [pdf]

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