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Difficulty Rating: Easy
Preparation Time: 30 minutes


  • vegetable oil
  • tamarind paste
  • palm sugar
  • fish sauce
  • shallots
  • fried tofu
  • eggs
  • Thai rice noodle
  • Chinese chives
  • bean sprouts
  • prserved shrimp
  • crushed roast peanut
  • lime

Pad-Thai is another perfect vegetarian dish, just omit shrimp and substitute soy source for fish source. Add as much tofu as you wish.


  1. Soak dry noodle in water to make it soft and ready for stir fried
  2. Mince shallot
  3. Cut fried tofu into 1 inch-long piece
  4. Use medium head and pour oil into the wok.
  5. Fry shallots until they start to turn a little brown.
  6. Add tamarind paste and palm sugar. Stir fry and season with fish sauce.
  7. Add fried tofu. Add egg and scramble it until it is almost cooked.
  8. Drain the noodle and put it into the wok. Stir quickly to mix all ingredients.
  9. Add shrimps and continue to stir.
  10. Add Chinese chives, bean sprouts and preserved turnip.
  11. Pour onto the serving plate and sprinkle with crushed roast peanut. Serve hot with a slice of lime. Garnish with few raw Chinese chives and raw bean sprouts.
  12. Add sugar, pepper, vinegar, and fish sauce to suit your personal taste.

Adpated by chef Nok from: http://www.thaitable.com/thai/recipes/pad_thai_htm