I am a PhD candidate at the MIT Media Lab in the Lifelong Kindergarten group, where I create platforms that enable people to document and share their design process.

Documentation tools I have invented include Spin, a photography turntable system for creating GIFs of design projects; Build in Progress, an online community for visualizing iterations; and Mechanix, an interactive tangible toolkit for building and testing Rube Goldberg designs.

Through these projects, I have studied how process-oriented documentation creates new opportunities for storytelling, reflective practice, and learning and connecting with others.

Before coming to the Media Lab, I received an MS in mechanical engineering with a concentration in design methodology at Stanford, where I was a research assistant in the Center for Design Research under Sheri Sheppard and developed projects in the Transformative Learning Technologies lab led by Paulo Blikstein.

I finished my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at MIT in 2009, with a thesis titled Spatial-Visual Skills and Engineering Design advised by Maria Yang.