Hello, I'm Tiffany Tseng. Welcome to my home page!

As of June, 2016, I am a PhD graduate of the LIFELONG KINDERGARTEN GROUP of the MIT MEDIA LAB.

My research focuses on supporting designers and makers documenting and sharing their design process.

I'm currently developing SPIN, a photography turntable system for capturing playful animations of how design projects evolve over time.

I also created BUILD IN PROGRESS, a platform for visualizing the development of DIY design projects.

I host the radio show EATER'S DIGEST on WMBR, which sometimes features food and music INTERVIEWS I do with touring indie-rock musicians.

P.S. Have I talked to you about SNACKS?

CV | Design Portfolio


Trento, IT | May 22-23

Making Laboratories workshop

Brisbane, AU | June 4-8

Presenting paper on Spin

Exploratorium Tinkering Studio
San Francisco, CA | June 20-24

Experimenting with Spin