2.009 2009

For MIT's senior design course, 2.009, my group created thermoSmart, an automatic HVAC register system. It redistributed airflow to different rooms in a house, allowing for custom temperature control in each room. This essentially turned a single zone home into a multiple zone home.


I was one of two elected system integrators that led and managed a team of 17 mechanical engineering students.

I was personally responsible for thermal modeling and creating the optimization algorithm that led to 15% energy savings in an average home. I also worked on product branding, including the packaging and instruction manual, and contributed to GUI design, solid modeling of parts, prototyping, and product form.


Paul Blascovich, Shreya Dave, Conor Lenahan, Jacob Levinson, Aiko Nakano, Rebecca Smith, Celeste Wallace, Peter Wellings, Jason Chan, Rahel Eisenberg, Daniel Lopez, Sara Segal, Robert Utz, Alice Yeh, Brian Syverud, Stephen Young