Stack-It & Magnimals
2.00B 2007

I worked in a group of four undergraduate MIT students to create prototypes of two different toys based on the theme “inexpensive manufacturing in Brazil.” Our first toy, Stack-It is a reverse Jenga toy where players take turns to construct a tower out of tetris-shaped wooden blocks. The person who causes the tower to fall down loses!

The second toy we created is called Magnimals. Magnimals is a construction toy in which children can create an animal of their own design using magnetic animal pieces.

Our final prototypes were presented to the MIT community and Hasbro representatives. I worked with a team member, Diane Rak, to shoot over 200 photos and compile them into a video for Magnimals that was shown during our presentation.


Lucas Hernandez-Mena, Amy Mugnuson, Diane Rak, Christina Wright