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This web graphic was designed by Margaret Wong, MIT '02, a web services consultant at MIT's Web Communications Services.

The Logo programming language was created in 1967 by an MIT team headed by Seymour Papert. Logo introduced children to programming concepts by helping them apply their thinking skills in new ways. The MIT Media Lab continues to work with The Logo Foundation.

The Logo commands for creating this graphic consist of 5 major actions: pen down (pd), pen up (pu), right (rt), left (lt) and forward (fd). These commands are then coupled with an arbitrary unit of movement to create motion. For example, fd 10 tells the turtle to move forward 10 units of space while rt 90 tells the turtle to turn right 90 degrees.

Each line of the Logo commands below correlate to the MIT graphic with spaces in between each letter.

pd fd 100 rt 155 fd 110 lt 130 fd 110 rt 155 fd 100
pu lt 90 fd 45 lt 90
pd fd 100
pu rt 90 fd 45
pd fd 80 rt 180 fd 40 lt 90 fd 100
pu lt 90 fd 40 lt 90

The MIT web page changes constantly; to see a sampling of past home pages, browse the gallery.

The MIT home page is an interactive site with the goal of informing and engag ing the MIT community and visitors. The Spotlight, with a changing graphic that calls attention to the new topic, supports MIT's mission and reflects the diversity of MIT itself. It does not represent a single voice but rather many voices, showing the Institute in a full and evolving way. The changing nature of the Spotlight reflects this goal of diversity by integrating and showcasing a multitude of aspects of MIT.

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