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E2fsprogs: Ext2 Filesystem Utilities

Release 1.18 of e2fsprogs is available!

I am happy to announce a new release of the e2fsprogs distribution. All users of e2fsprogs are urged to upgrade to the 1.18 version as soon as possible.

This release has a few critical bug fixes over the previous release, version 1.17. For more details, see the release notes.

E2fsprogs is available in source form, as well precompiled i386 Linux/ELF binaries, and as RPM source and binary packages. (Use shift-click to download the distributions on most browsers):

Note that the RPM files (including the source SRPM file) are digitally signed with PGP using this public key. You can verify the authenticity of the RPM package files using "rpm --checksig". These RPM files will likely work on non-RedHat systems as well, although you may need to use the --nodeps option for it to install correctly.

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