A BFD Backend for Pilot PRC files

I am currently working on writing a BFD backend for PRC files. What is BFD, you may ask? BFD is the name of library which allows applications to operate on object files without worrying about the details object file format. The BFD library is used by the GNU binutils package --- the GNU assembler and linker all manipulate object files using the BFD library.

By adding support for PRC-format files to the BFD library, we'll be able to allow the GNU toolchain to generate PRC files directly, without needing any specialized tools. While this not yet a reality, my current patches are good enough so that you can use objdump to either disassemble a pilot application (using objdump --disassemble), or look at the contents of one particular section (try "objdump --section=data0000 --full-contents file.prc").

Please give these patches a try and let me know what you think. Thanks!

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