Theodore Ts'o

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EDUCATION MIT Sloan School 1992--1993

Courses taken as a special student: Negotiation: Theory and Practice. The Manager's Legal Function. Introduction to the Management of Technical Innovation. GPA: 5.0.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1986--1990

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering, with a concentration in Economics. Graduate courses taken include Cryptography, Computer Languages, and Computer Architecture. GPA: 5.0.

SKILLS Software: C, C++, Perl, SQL, MS-Office, MS-Access, HTML, TeX/LaTeX, Ingres, Oracle, Assembly (i386, Vax, Z-80, PDP-11)

Operating Systems: MS-Windows (v3.x, 95, NT), Unix (Linux, Ultrix, Solaris, OSF/1, IRIX, HPUX, AIX), MacOS, CP/M, Multics

Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, NNTP, BIND, Telnet, FTP, NTP, POP, Kerberos
MIT Information Systems August 1990--Present

Senior Systems Programmer in the Integration Process, which is responsible for the design of MIT's I/T architecture. Project Leader and Manager of the Kerberos V5 development team. Worked with Oracle and SAP AG to help them integrate Kerberos network security into their products (Oracle SNS and R/3). Assisted in the technical management of the MIT Distributed Computing and Network Services' Development Group. Mentored members of the development staff. Maintained and developed UNIX software in C to support the MIT network services infrastructure. Member of the MIT Network Operations Group. Designed and implemented a help desk call-tracking database using Ingres.

Usenix, Freund and Dirks, Sapient, Microsoft, etc. January 1992 --- Present

Worldwide speaker and tutorial instructor. Topics taught include Kerberos, Network Security and Writing Device Drivers for Linux.

Internet Engineering Task Force July 1991 --- Present

Advised IETF working groups on matters of computer security, as a member of the Security Area Directorate. Served as working group chair of the ONC RPC and the IP Security working groups. Participated as an active member in the Telnet, Privacy Enhanced Mail, Common Authentication Technology, and Networked News Transport Protocol working groups to develop Internet standards.


J. Morris-Lee, T. Y. Ts'o. Towards an Ethical System for Electronic Information. Journal of Database Marketing. Vol. 3, No. 2. 1995.

R. Card, T. Y. Ts'o, S. Tweedie. Design and Implementation of the Second Extended Filesystem. Proceedings of the 1994 Amsterdam Linux Conference.

B. C. Neumann, T. Y. Ts'o. Kerberos: An Authentication Service for Computer Networks, IEEE Communications, September 1994.

J. T. Kohl, B. C. Neumann, T. Y. Ts'o. The Evolution of the Kerberos Authentication Service, pages 78-96 in Distributed Open Systems, F.M.T. Brazier and D. Johnasen, editors. IEEE CS Press, 1994.

Linux November 1991--Present

One of the core kernel developers for the Linux operating system. Implemented and maintained the serial driver, POSIX job control, POSIX signal handling, and the ext2 filesystem utilities. Chair of the Technical Board for Linux International. Developed a device driver for the Rocketport intelligent serial board on contract for Comtrol, Inc. Maintainer of the TSX-11.MIT.EDU ftp site.

Church of Our Saviour January 1993 --- Present

Served on the Vestry since 1994; served as an officer of the church (Clerk) since 1995. Member of the finance committee since 1994; chair of the finance committee since 1996. Implemented Microsoft Access application to track incoming donations and the weekly church deposits, and to generate quarterly pledge statements for the congregation. Served as webmaster for the church's web pages.

Lecture Series Committee September 1986 --- June 1990

The Lecture Series Committee is a service group at MIT which shows movies and sponsors lectures at MIT. Past positions include Sunday Director, Refreshments Director and Distribution Subdirector. As Refreshments Director, was responsible for scheduling and managing 30 workers, performing inventory control and management, and profit/loss assessments on LSC's concessions stand.

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