First Generation Staff Members at MIT

There are many staff members at MIT who were the first in their family to graduate college. In fact, you can find someone who is first generation working in almost every office, department, or lab on campus. They can answer questions, provide perspective, and talk about their experience as first generation students. You can find a list of some of these first generation MIT staff members below.

First Generation Staff Members

Brian Ash, M.D.
Internist, MIT Medical

DuJuan Browder
Senior Staff Accountant, Student Financial Services

Bonny Kellermann
Director of Special Constituencies, Office of Leadership Giving

Kathleen MacArthur
Associate Dean for Curriculum and Faculty Support, Office of Faculty Support

Matt McGann
Director of Admissions

Leo McGonagle
Executive Director, Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program

Tamara Raimundi Menghi
Associate Director of Employer Relations & Career Programs, MIT Global Education & Career Development

Elsie Otero
Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and Advising, Office of Minority Education

Stephen Pepper
Staff Associate for Academic Performance, Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming

Clara Piloto
Director of Global Program, MIT Professional Education

Stu Schmill
Dean of Admissions

Tammy Stevens
Associate Dean, Office of Minority Education