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Time Management: Balancing Your Priorities

Now that you've built a well-constructed schedule, complete with key dates, you are well-equipped to examine your priorities. To ensure academic excellence, evaluate academic necessities first, then consider extracurricular commitments. Begin by filling out the Time Distribution Assessment worksheet, and mapping its elements onto a weekly planner, then consider the following items in assessing your priorities and making any necessary revisions to your schedule:


To ascertain what amount of time is likely necessary to ensure your individual academic success, consider the following. You may find the Academic Load Breakdown worksheet helpful in recording the following information:

Having considered academic necessities, evaluate your extracurricular commitments.


In reviewing your weekly schedule, ask yourself the following questions to determine what and how much your activities matter to you:

Based on your answers to the above questions, how would you revise your initial time assessment worksheet and weekly planner?