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Tutoring Options: Departmental Tutoring

Many academic departments offer tutoring free of charge to students registered in their subjects. Here's how to ask for it.

How to Obtain Tutoring in Departmental Subjects

Course 1

Subjects available: Course 1 undergraduate subjects.

Eligibility and description: Regularly scheduled sessions and individual tutoring available through academic honor society Chi Epsilon (XE).


Course 2

Departmental Tutoring is available starting the second week of classes in Room 3-148. Use to sign up. Contact: Brandy Baker, 1-110, for more information.

Course 3

Subjects available: Course 3 undergraduate subjects required for Course 3 major/minor. See Science Core tutoring for 3.091.

Eligibility and description: Tutoring is not an alternative to lecture, recitation, and TA office hours.

Contact: Tiffany Luongo, Room 6-107, 617-258-5816,

Course 5

Subjects available: 5.03, 5.07, 5.12, 5.13, 5.60, and 5.61. See Science Core tutoring for 5.111 and 5.112.

Eligibility and description: To be eligible for tutoring services, you must be attending lecture and recitation regularly, turning in problem sets, and attending office hours, and gain approval from your TA. (Prior to the first exam, all students are eligible for tutoring if they meet the previously stated criteria. After the first exam, only students working at C or below are eligible for tutoring.)

Contact: Apply for tutoring on the Chemistry Department web site.

Course 6

Subjects available: Course 6 Introductory, Foundational, and Header classes.

Eligibility and description: The Course VI Tutoring Program is coordinated by MIT's chapter of Eta Kappa Nu (HKN), the national honor society for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, using undergraduate tutors.

Contact: For more information, visit the HKN tutoring page.

Course 7

Subjects available: 7.02, 7.03, 7.05, 7.06. See Science Core tutoring for all versions of 7.01.

Eligibility and description: Tutoring offered by the Biology Department:

Contact: Individual tutors as listed on the Department web page.

Course 8

Subjects available: 8.03, 8.04, 8.05, and onward. See Science Core tutoring for 8.01 and 8.02.

Eligibility and description: Tutoring is often arranged by the subject instructor as needed.

Contact: See the subject syllabus or website.

Course 10

Subjects available: Sophomore/junior core subjects: 10.10, 10.213, 10.301, 10.302, 10.32, 10.37.

Eligibility and description: Tutoring is available at various times and in various places. See the Department's Undergraduate Resources page for details.

Contact: Dr. Barry Johnston, Room 66-368, 617-258-7141,

Course 14

Subjects available: 14.01, 14.02

Eligibility and description:

14:01: See 14.01 Stellar site for information.

For individual tutoring in 14.02, contact Gary King, Course 14 Undergraduate Academic Administrator.

Contact: Gary King, Room E52-304, 617-253-0951,

Course 16

Subjects available: Office hours are made available by instructors and/or TAs of all subjects required for the Course 16 major. Please contact your instructor or TA to inquire about tutorial help in a particular subject.

Eligibility and description: Subject-specific tutoring can also be arranged on an ad hoc basis; however, a student must regularly be attending lectures and recitations, and turning in assignments, in order for additional tutoring to be granted. The additional tutoring may be provided by a peer who has completed the subject or by a graduate student.

Contact: Marie Stuppard, Room 33-202, 617-253-2279,

Course 17

Subjects available: Tutoring is available in writing for the social sciences.

Contact: Tobie Weiner, Room E53-483, 617-253-3649,

Course 18

Introductory Subjects available: 18.03, 18.06, possibly 18.04 and 18.05. See Science Core tutoring for 18.01 and 18.02.

Eligibility and description: Visit the Math Learning Center in room 4-159 during open hours Monday through Thursday, 3-5 pm and 7:30-9:30 pm. No appointment necessary.

Contact: For more information contact the Math Academic Services Office.

Course 21A, 21G, 21L, 21M, 21W, 21CMS

Subjects available: Writing tutors are available for some HASS-CI subjects. See below for tutoring in Chinese, German, and Japanese subjects.

Contact: Contact your instructor to inquire about subject-specific tutoring or the Writing and Communication Center (Room E39-115, 617-253-3090 or 617-324-4858, for a writing tutor.

Course 21G: Chinese

Subjects available: Chinese subjects 21G.101-21G.143.

Contact: [to be announced in September]

Course 21G: French

Subjects available:  All French subjects (21G.301-21G.352)

Contact: Leanna Rezvani, Room 14N-429, 617-253-3067,

Course 21G: German

Subjects available: 21F.401 through 21G.404.

Contact: Ellen Crocker, Room 14N-318, 617-253-4774,

Course 21G: Japanese

Subjects available: Japanese subjects 21G.501 through 21G.504.

Contact: Yoshimi Nagaya, Room 14N-244, 617-253-4775,

Course 21G: Russian

Subjects available: All Russian subjects  (21G.611-21G.617)

Contact: Maria Khotimsky, Room 16-661, 617-715-5385,

For additional tutoring options, refer to other pages in this section.