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Tutoring Options: Departmental Tutoring

Many academic departments offer tutoring free of charge to students registered in their subjects. Here's how to ask for it.

How to Obtain Tutoring in Departmental Subjects

Course 1

Subjects available: Course 1 undergraduate subjects.

Eligibility and description: Regularly scheduled sessions and individual tutoring available through academic honor society Chi Epsilon (XE).


Course 2

Departmental Tutoring is available starting the second week of classes in Room 3-148. Use to sign up. Contact: Brandy Baker, 1-110, for more information.

Course 3

Subjects available: Course 3 undergraduate subjects required for Course 3 major/minor. See Science Core tutoring for 3.091.

Eligibility and description: Tutoring is not an alternative to lecture, recitation, and TA office hours.

Contact: Tiffany Luongo, Room 6-107, 617-258-5816,

Course 5

Subjects available: 5.03, 5.07, 5.12, 5.13, 5.60, and 5.61. See Science Core tutoring for 5.111 and 5.112.

Eligibility and description: To be eligible for tutoring services, you must be attending lecture and recitation regularly, turning in problem sets, and attending office hours.

Contact: Apply for tutoring on the Chemistry Department web site.

Course 6

Subjects available: Course 6 Introductory, Foundational, and Header classes.

Eligibility and description: The Course VI Tutoring Program is coordinated by MIT's chapter of Eta Kappa Nu (HKN), the national honor society for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, using undergraduate tutors.

Contact: For more information, visit the HKN tutoring page.

Course 7

Subjects available: 7.02, 7.03, 7.05, 7.06. See Science Core tutoring for all versions of 7.01.

Eligibility and description: Tutoring offered by the Biology Department:

Contact: Individual tutors as listed on the Department web page.

Course 8

Subjects available: 8.03, 8.04, 8.05, and onward. See Science Core tutoring for 8.01 and 8.02.

Eligibility and description: Tutoring is often arranged by the subject instructor as needed.

Contact: See the subject syllabus or website.

Course 10

Subjects available: Sophomore/junior core subjects: 10.10, 10.213, 10.301, 10.302, 10.32, 10.37.

Eligibility and description: Tutoring is available at various times and in various places. See the Department's Undergraduate Resources page for details.

Contact: Dr. Barry Johnston, Room 66-368, 617-258-7141,

Course 14

Subjects available: 14.01, 14.02

Eligibility and description:

14:01: See 14.01 Stellar site for information.

For individual tutoring in 14.02, contact Gary King, Course 14 Undergraduate Academic Administrator.

Contact: Gary King, Room E52-304, 617-253-0951,

Course 16

Subjects available: Office hours are made available by instructors and/or TAs of all subjects required for the Course 16 major. Please contact your instructor or TA to inquire about tutorial help in a particular subject.

Eligibility and description: Subject-specific tutoring can also be arranged on an ad hoc basis; however, a student must regularly be attending lectures and recitations, and turning in assignments, in order for additional tutoring to be granted. The additional tutoring may be provided by a peer who has completed the subject or by a graduate student.

Contact: Marie Stuppard, Room 33-202, 617-253-2279,

Course 17

Subjects available: Tutoring is available in writing for the social sciences.

Contact: Tobie Weiner, Room E53-483, 617-253-3649,

Course 18

Introductory Subjects available: 18.03, 18.06, possibly 18.04 and 18.05. See Science Core tutoring for 18.01 and 18.02.

Eligibility and description: Visit the Math Learning Center in room 4-159 during open hours Monday through Thursday, 3-5 pm and 7:30-9:30 pm. No appointment necessary.

Contact: For more information contact the Math Academic Services Office.

Course 21A, 21G, 21L, 21M, 21W, 21CMS

Subjects available: Writing tutors are available for some HASS-CI subjects. See below for tutoring in Chinese, German, and Japanese subjects.

Contact: Contact your instructor to inquire about subject-specific tutoring or the Writing and Communication Center (Room E39-115, 617-253-3090 or 617-324-4858, for a writing tutor.

Course 21G: Chinese

Subjects available: Chinese subjects 21G.101-21G.143.

Contact: [to be announced in September]

Course 21G: French

Subjects available:  All French subjects (21G.301-21G.352)

Contact: Leanna Rezvani, Room 14N-429, 617-253-3067,

Course 21G: German

Subjects available: 21F.401 through 21G.404.

Contact: Ellen Crocker, Room 14N-318, 617-253-4774,

Course 21G: Japanese

Subjects available: Japanese subjects 21G.501 through 21G.504.

Contact: Yoshimi Nagaya, Room 14N-244, 617-253-4775,

Course 21G: Russian

Subjects available: All Russian subjects  (21G.611-21G.617)

Contact: Maria Khotimsky, Room 16-661, 617-715-5385,

For additional tutoring options, refer to other pages in this section.