MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ACADEX: MIT Center for Academic Excellence

Tutoring Options: Seminar XL

An academic enrichment seminar primarily for freshmen, Seminar XL enables participants to develop mastery of both core subject matter; Calculus, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as well as intellectual skills for future success in advanced coursework. You can join Seminar XL during the first five weeks of the term (before Add Date).

Facilitated by academically advanced upperclass and graduate students, small groups employ a team approach to problem-solving. Groups meet for 90 minutes twice a week to work problems beyond homework required in a particular Science Core subject. The analytical skills developed are useful in almost any academic or professional realm.

Seminar XL is open by application only. Freshmen may receive 3 or 6 units of academic credit (one or two XL groups): register for SP.110 in the Fall and SP.120 in the Spring.

Sponsored by the Office of Minority Education, Seminar XL is available to all students.