MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ACADEX: MIT Center for Academic Excellence

Tutoring Options: Your TA and Instructor

In a large lecture class, both the lecturer and your recitation instructor offer weekly office hours and usually will meet at other times by appointment. Recitation instructors are either faculty members or graduate students known as Teaching Assistants (TAs). Check your syllabus or Stellar for office hours and contact information.

Both lecturers and TAs are essential resources. They know the class material better than anyone else and love to talk about it. Don't worry about the level of your questions: instructors are eager to help you learn.

In a smaller class, even if you're doing okay, take the time to meet your instructor during his or her office hours to discuss how you are doing. Developing a comfortable relationship with your instructor will help you learn the material at hand and further open the lines of communication about your progress. Instructors are happy and willing to address your specific concerns, so come prepared with questions to discuss. A side benefit is getting to know someone who may become a UROP supervisor or write a letter of reference for you for an internship or graduate school application.