MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ACADEX: MIT Center for Academic Excellence

Tutoring Options: The Writing & Communication Center

The Writing & Communication Center (MIT Building E39, Room 115, 617-253-3090) is available to assist MIT undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-docs with all aspects of writing and oral presentations.

You can go the Writing Center with just a paper assignment for help in developing your ideas. You can go with your first draft for help toward revision. You can bring your final draft for last-minute suggestions before you turn in the paper.

Professional writing consultants can provide feedback and guidance on a wide range of topics such as writing papers for courses, writing theses, writing articles for publication, writing all types of technical communication, writing application essays and resumes, practicing oral presentations and pronunciation, overcoming writers' block, and taking essay exams. The Center also has ESL experts who provide specialized help to those for whom English is a second language.

All the Center's services are free. Go to the Center's web site to schedule an appointment.