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Independent Activities Period (IAP)

IAP is MIT's special 4-week term that begins the first week of January.  IAP provides a welcome break from the academic routine of the fall and spring semesters and offers hundreds of opportunities for creativity in teaching and learning.

IAP offerings are distinguished by their variety, innovative spirit, and fusion of fun and learning.

Information about IAP can be found on the IAP website, with new IAP activities and subjects announced starting in October and continuing through the IAP period.

All students (undergraduate as well as graduate) are limited to no more than 12 units of academic credit during IAP. Note that there are certain freshman subjects that begin in the fall term and carry into IAP (8.01L, 18.02A) which do count towards the 12-unit limit.

All members of the MIT community can join the hundreds of non-credit activities found in the on-line Guide at: