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Resources and Links

There are a host of individuals and offices available to assist you during your undergraduate years at MIT. Below is a quick list of some of these resources as well as some helpful links to important academic websites.

Basic Sources of Academic Information

Some of these links refer to sites that you'll use often during your time at MIT, to plan your subject schedule, find out when you have exams, work toward requirements, and check your progress. You are expected to pay attention to your Status of Registration, the Academic Calendar, the Quiz Schedule, and the Final Exam Schedule: bookmark these pages and visit them often; they are also linked from WebSIS.

Academic Resources

These sites provide useful information and access to resources to support you in your academic endeavors.

Requirements and Policies

The links below refer to sites that explain specific requirements or cover a broad range of policies and procedures.

Student Support Offices

Your undergraduate education at MIT can pose some challenges at times, so you may need someone to listen to your frustrations, assist you with a medical or financial issue, or help you understand your roommates and teachers.

MIT Together

MIT TogetherMIT Together is the online portal to support resources for students. The site provides a clear path to help, advice, and support for students in need and offers insight into how various programs and services work. Everyone needs help at one point or another, so check out what MIT Together has to offer.

Student Resources Website

Want to know how to find stuff at MIT?

Bookmark From academics to finances and community life to professional development, search and find the resources you need.

Beyond Academics

MIT has a whole division devoted to supporting and enriching the non-academic side of your life here. Check the sites listed here for help with housing, financial services, keeping in shape, planning your career, and more.