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Readmission: Application Review Process

Applications for readmission are considered on a rolling basis and are reviewed promptly once they are complete. The Readmission Committee includes three S3 Deans. The Readmission Chair convenes the meetings.  All readmissions recommendations will be forwarded to the Chair of the CAP for final approval.

Students will be notified of readmission decisions via email on or around August 10 for a Fall return and January 10 for a spring return. Readmitted students will be provided with a list of recommendations to help make the transition back to MIT successful. A student denied readmission will be provided with the reasons for the decision and a list of expectations that must be met before another application for readmission will be considered. As a reminder, readmission is not guaranteed. The Readmission Committee encourages students to develop contingency plans in the event that their application for readmission is denied.

Second Academic Required Withdrawal

In the case of a second Required Withdrawal, a student's lack of satisfactory progress is of significant concern, and a more prolonged period of time away from MIT may be needed. It is important for the student to gain a better perspective on his/her problems and resolve them. In many instances, a former student with two required withdrawals may be better served by considering permanent separation and not returning to MIT. For these reasons, the CAP directly oversees readmission to the Institute after the second Required Withdrawal, with assistance from the Readmission Committee.

Students applying for readmission after a second Required Withdrawal must make an appointment with one of our deans and complete the undergraduate application for readmission. The Readmission Chair will inform the Staff Associate to the CAP of a pending application for a return after a second Required Withdrawal. The Chair of the CAP may also choose to interview the applicant, or may ask another committee member or other member of the Faculty to do so.

A student seeking readmission after a second Required Withdrawal is formally reviewed twice before being readmitted. The Readmission Committee in Student Support Services conducts the first review. If the Readmission Committee recommends readmission, the CAP receives the application for a second full review. Readmission is decided by a vote of the full Committee on Academic Performance. If the CAP readmits a student, he/she will be provided with a list of recommendations by the Chair of the CAP (in consultation with the Readmission Chair) to help make the transition back to MIT successful.

If the application is denied after the first review, it is not forwarded to the CAP, but the Chair of CAP will be notified of the recommendation and the reasons for the recommendation and will be asked to approve the denial. Expectations that must be met before consideration of any future Readmission application will be communicated to the student by the Chair of the CAP, in consultation with the Readmission Chair.

Appeal Process

Readmission decisions are reconsidered only if substantial new information has become available after the decision has been made. A request for reconsideration documenting the new information should be submitted to the Readmission Chair and will be reviewed by the Readmission Chair and Chair of the CAP. The Chair of the CAP has the option of bringing the request to the entire Committee on Academic Performance for a full review. The student will be notified of the decision after the review.