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How to Apply for Readmission: Special Information for International Students

Sometimes delays beyond MIT's control can occur during the readmission of international students. Please note that you must be able to arrive on campus before Registration Day of your semester of readmission. If you are not able to arrive by Registration Day, we reserve the right to rescind the offer of readmission.

These are critical steps you must take as an international student:

  1. Be sure to submit all readmission application materials by stated deadlines.
  2. If you are enrolled in classes while applying for readmission and your transcript will not be available by the posted deadline, please ask your instructors/professors to send us an email indicating your standing in the class around the time of the deadline.
  3. Submit your financial aid documents as early as possible; do not wait for the deadline or for decision on your readmission application. Student Financial Services and the International Students Office need to be able to act quickly if your readmission application is approved.
  4. Submit updated health forms to MIT Medical as soon as possible.
  5. After you are officially readmitted, contact the International Students Office so they can begin to process paperwork for your return.
  6. Registration holds must be cleared prior to your return to campus.