MIT: Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyStudent Support Services

Withdrawals: Withdrawal Checklist

Review the checklist below as you plan your time away from MIT.

  1. Schedule an appointment with an S3 dean to discuss your plans.
  2. Settle any financial obligations you may have.
    • If you receive financial aid, you should be in touch with the Student Financial Aid (617-258-8600).
    • If you have received student loans, you are required to contact Loan Services for an Exit Interview before leaving MIT (617-253-3343).
  3. Contact Undergraduate Housing (617-253-2811) and your house manager to make arrangements for your departure.
    • Students who withdraw from MIT are automatically ineligible for Institute approved housing. Students are expected to move out of MIT dorms/FSILGs in a timely fashion. There are other resources available to assist with departure if necessary.
  4. For questions about health insurance coverage contact the MIT Health Plans Office (617-253-4371).
    • Students are not eligible for MIT Student Extended Health Insurance while on Voluntary or Required Withdrawal. Students who are taking a Medical Withdrawal and are already enrolled in the MIT Student Extended Health Insurance Plan should let their dean know whether they would like to continue coverage.
  5. International students should be in touch with the International Students Office (617-253-3795) regarding their visa status.
  6. Contact your advisor/academic department and any one else you think should be notified of your plans (e.g., athletic coach, UROP Supervisor, GRT).
  7. Request a transcript.
  8. When planning a return to MIT, please visit the Readmission section of this website and contact your S3 Dean.