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What You Need to Know about Withdrawing: Expectations

Expectations of how a student spends time away depend on the reason for the withdrawal and are determined by a dean on a case by case basis in consultation with the student.  It is important that you have a full understanding of these expectations at the time of your withdrawal.  Most often, we expect students to engage in sustained, productive activity during their withdrawal. Recommendations often include a full time course load at another university, part-time study combined with employment, or full-time employment. For Fall readmission, classes or employment completed over the summer prior to the anticipated date of return will not be considered.

In cases where coursework is expected, classes should be rigorous and taken at a four-year college or university with earned grades of B or better. Audited and online classes will not be considered. Students may wish to consult with appropriate academic departments at MIT to identify classes that may qualify for transfer credit at MIT.

If on Medical Withdrawal, clinicians in MIT Medical will want to speak with your treatment providers within the first month of your withdrawal about what would be expected in a treatment plan.

If circumstances change during withdrawal, expectations may be added or modified by the deans in consultation with the student. Decisions about withdrawal expectations or changes to withdrawal expectations are made together with the student, but the final decision rests with our deans.