MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Student Disabilities Services

For Students: Information on Specific Accommodations

Students must follow Disabilities Services' procedures for obtaining accommodations (academic adjustments, auxiliary aids and services). Documentation must be provided to establish the existence of a disability and the need for accommodation. Students must also fill out a Reasonable Accommodation Request Form. The request forms are available from Disabilities Services staff in 5-104 and from this site.

Students must request accommodations so that Disabilities Services is afforded a reasonable amount of time to review and evaluate the request and provide the necessary accommodations. Following is an outline of academic accommodations that may be obtained by students with disabilities once it has been determined by Disabilities Services that they are eligible for such services. Please note that the accommodations named herein are not an exhaustive listing. Disabilities Services staff members are available to discuss any specific accommodations that are not on the list.

Alternative Exams

Materials in Alternative Format

Instructional Aides and Services Note Takers

MIT Disabilities Services employs a peer note taking system. Disabilities Services' accommodation letter, delivered by the student, through written notification, will inform the instructor that a student may need assistance in selecting a note taker.

The student with a disability will attempt to find someone in the class to take notes for him or her. If s/he does not succeed, the student may ask the faculty member to announce in class that there is a need for a note taker. Faculty members should protect the student's right to privacy by not offering her/his name to the class.

Faculty may direct interested student note takers to contact our staff (x3-1674 or, SDS will provide a list of potential note takers to the student with a disability, who then may contact these individuals and assume responsibility for engaging one as a note taker. Students choosing to become note takers are paid by SDS at an hourly rate.

Student Disabilities Services can assist the student by providing tips on selecting an appropriate note taker. However, it is the student’s responsibility to monitor note takers for accuracy and timely delivery of notes. Any discrepancies should be reported to SDS immediately. If a student needs assistance with this process, s/he should feel free to contact SDS staff (x3-1674 or

Student note takers are paid by SDS for their services. Once a note taker is obtained, s/he should email SDS ( for payment procedures.

It is mandatory that students using note takers attend class. Note takers are not a substitution for the student's attendance. If a student is unable to attend class for an extended period of time, the note taker as well as Disabilities Services must be notified. Failure to do so may result in losing note taking privileges as a person with a disability who can't attend classes (even occasionally) may not be otherwise qualified to take the class.