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The UEA is a group of undergraduates interested in economics who meet for the purpose of supporting academic endeavors, improving employment opportunities, and extending networks with each other and the outside world.

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Learn more about the Economics department at MIT and their academic offerings
and other useful websites for those interested in a career in economics

Majoring in Economics

Desribes MIT's Majors in Economics, such as Economics (14-1), Mathematical Economics (14-2), and Computer Science, Economics, and Data Science (6-14)

Minoring in Economics

Desribes MIT's Minor in Economics

Double Majoring in Economics

Describes MIT's Double Major between Economics and any other major

Concentrating in Economics and HASS Distribution

Describes MIT's HASS Concentration in Economics

Concentration in Developmental Economics

Describes MIT's HASS Concentration in Developmental Economics

Current Classes Offered

Short Description of each course, when it is offered, and who the professor is. This information changes every semester.

Transfer Credit Information

Describes MIT's undergraduate transfer policies for economics courses taken at other colleges.

MIT Global Education and Career Development

Contains informations about career fairs, on-campus company presentations, on-campus recruiting, mock interviews, career advice, Alumni network (ICAN), and overall resources for career development.

Phoebe Cai

Major: Economics

Year: Senior

Jose A. Esparza

Major: Economics and Mathematics

Year: Senior

Ying Gao

Major: Economics and Mathematics

Year: Senior

UEA Officers

Meet the undergraduates who run the MIT Undergraduate Economics Association!

Spencer D. Pantoja

Major: Economics and Theoretical Mathematics

Year: Sophomore

Sonia Serrano Lorenzo

Major: Mathematical Economics

Year: Sophomore

Olivia H. Zhao

Major: Economics

Year: Senior

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