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Course 14 Senior Panel
Come to learn about internships, job recruiting, UROPS and more!
Thursday, Nov 29 in 4-237
This event is brought to you by the UEA and features seniors in the department who are eager to share their experiences!

Course 14 Seminar
Will the Workplace of the Future Have any Workers?
Wednesday, Dec 5 at 6pm in 32-141
Professor David Autor explains how computerization is changing ti nature of work.

Free food from Pad Thai Cafe!
UEA Study Break
Monday Nov 5th 26-213
Come enjoy pie, cider, and other delicious fall foods while meeting other students who are interested in economics.

Professor luncheon with Prof. Paul Willen
Wednesday, December 10th E52-398
Paul Willen is a Senior Economist and Policy Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. His research in macroeconomics and finance explores social security and the subprime crisis, among other topics. Professor Willen currently teaches 14.02 as a visiting faculty member. Join us for lunch and the opportunity to meet with him!

Economic Policies for the New President
Thursday, November 13 at 4:30PM in 51-115 (Wong Auditorium).
How should the new President solve our financial crisis, handle health care, or fix social security?
N. Gregory Mankiw, Harvard Economics Professor and MIT Graduate (Course XIV PhD '84), and Robert Solow, MIT Economic Professor and 1987 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, will speak at a panel discussion and field all of your questions about the best policies and approaches the new President should take.
Refreshments will be served.

UEA Sophomore Lunch
Sunday, November 2 from noon-1:30PM in W20-306 (Twenty Chimneys).
This is a chance to learn the inside scoop about Course XIV at MIT: learn about the best classes to take, favorite professors, TAs, etc. Come join us for an informal lunch where we'll share our experiences and knowledge about the ins and outs of life as an undergrad in the MIT Economics Department.
Lunch will be served.

Professor luncheon with Prof. Esther Duflo
Tuesday, October 14th E52-232
Esther Duflo is the Abdul Latif Jameel Professor of Poverty Alleviation and Development Economics. Her work involves studying efforts to alleviate poverty in developing countries. She is a director of the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab(J-PAL), the goal of which is to study the effectiveness of poverty programs and share the results of the analysis. She teaches 14.33 (Research and Communication in Economics) and 14.74 (Foundations of Development Policy), as well as two grad courses on developmental economics (14.771 and 14.772). Don't miss this opportunity to meet with her!

Lunch with a Fed Economist
Wednesday, February 20 from noon-1:00PM in 66-148.
Ever wonder about who pays for public health and how wealth is distributed in the local region?
Alicia Sasser, Senior Economist at the Boston Fed's New England Public Policy will field all of your questions about wealth and societal welfare. With the presidential candidates this year talking about universal healthcare, this is a great opportunity to talk with an expert on public economic policy.
Lunch will be served.

Course XIV Alumni Panel
Thursday, Jan 31st from 3:30-4:30PM in 56-167.
What can you do with a Economics degree from MIT anyway?
Listen to three alums, both old and new, tell it how it is outside the MIT bubble. Learn more about Course 14, especially if you're still undecided on your major. Bring questions!

Governor Frederic Mishkin Fall Speaker Event
Thursday, Nov. 29th from 4:30-6:00pm in E51-315.
Interested in Finance? Curious about the state of the Economy?
Come listen to an insider from the Fed!

Talk by David Leonhardt
Wednesday, May 2nd

Spring Social and Elections
Celebrate the end of the semester and vote on the UEA officers for 200-2008

T-shirt orders
Do you like "Economists do it with models" or do you want a new design? We'll be voting on the top picks, and ordering shirts soon after Spring Break.
**Send your favorite slogans to uea-officers@mit.edu by Thursday, April 5

HASS Event
April 12th, 12-2pm
Join Sara Ellison in planning a funny presentation about Course 14!

UEA teaching awards
Thursday, April 5th
Nominate your favorite professor, fall TA, and spring TA then vote on the nominees over email.

Professor luncheon with Prof. Sara Ellison
Tuesday, Dec. 12th E52-232

Sara Fisher Ellison is one of the most popular undergraduate professors in the department, and often teaches part of the 14.30/14.32/14.33 sequence. She received her PhD from MIT, and researches pharmaceutical prices and internet commerce. Don't miss this opportunity to meet with her!

Course 14 FIESTA!
Thursday, November 30, 2006
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM in the Student Center 3rd Floor (W20-306).
Come eat, mingle, get/give advice about course 14! Take a break, you deserve it.

Lecture by Steve Levitt
Monday, December 4, 2006
Lecture from 12-1pm and reception from 1-2pm
Steve Levitt is an economist at the University of Chicago. He has a PhD from MIT and a BA from Harvard University. In 2003 he received the John Bates Clark medal, an award given every two years to the best American economist under forty. Steve Levitt also co-authored the popular book Freakonomicswith Stephen J. Dubner.

Professor luncheon with Prof. Steven Ryan
Friday, Nov. 3

Professor Ryan joins us from Duke, with a research focus in industrial organization and applied macroeconomics. He will also be teaching the IAP course "Numerical Methods in Economics".

The UEA Intership Panel
Thursday, Oct. 5

7-9pm in PDR 1&2 (3rd Floor Student Center)
Come enjoy delicious Vinny-T's and learn about summer opportunities in finance (ibanking, hedge fund, credit risk), consulting, government, law, and academic research.
All majors welcome!
Feel free to contact us for more information!

Acemoglu/Duflo Development Lecture
April 24th 4-5:30 pm, E51-335

The Undergraduate Economics Association (UEA) is sponsoring a Development Economics lecture by Professors Esther Duflo and Daron Acemoglu. They will be discussing important topics in development economics today including growth potential, what policies might help, what drives growth, where the current research questions lie, etc. A Q&A session as well as a reception will follow the lecture.

Daron Aceomoglu
In 2005, Professor Daron Aceomoglu received the prestigious John Bates Clark Medal, awarded every two years to an American economist under the age of 40 for making a significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge. Acemoglu has most recently focused on the role of political institutions in economic development. His current work explores the links among political structure, legal and market institutions, and a nation's long-run rate of economic growth. It takes into account the differing effects of institutions established by colonial powers in North America, South America and Africa on economic development in countries in those regions.

Esther Duflo
Associate Professor Esther Duflo received the Elaine Bennett Research Prize of the American Economic Association in 2003. The Bennett Prize recognizes outstanding research in any field of economics by a woman at the beginning of her career. Duflo specializes in development economics, focusing on how women impact the economies of the countries in which they live. She has studied household behavior, educational choice and returns to education, policy evaluation, decentralization, industrial organization in developing countries, and credit constraints

Professor Luncheon Series
Who: Professor David Autor
What: Professor luncheon where you will be able to have an informal conversation with Professor Autor about anything you want! (14.03, research, urops, etc.)
When: THURSDAY APRIL 6th @ 12 pm
Where: E52-232 (NOTE ROOM CHANGE)

Space is limited for the lunch, so there will a lottery. If you’re interested in attending please email veenar by TUESDAY APRIL 4th by MIDNIGHT with your name and your year at MIT. Everyone is eligible for all luncheons, going to one doesn’t exclude you from the lottery for another.

Professor Luncheon Series w/Professor Amy Finkelstein
April 20th @ 12 pm
Please enter the lottery by emailing [veenar].

Dr. Gary W. Loveman (Chairman and CEO, Harrah's Operating Company)
"Kendall Square goes to Vegas: The Application of Analytics to the Gambling Business"

Gary Loveman is an alumnus of the MIT Economics department, where he received his Ph.D. in '89. He is now president and CEO of Harrah's Entertainment inc. He has been enormously successful in applying scientific tools and analytical management techniques at Harrah’s. His talk will focus on how he has used economics and statistics to study how people behave in casinos, and how he has used this information to manage a large casino enterprise. Moreover, his data holds interesting clues about human behavior that may be of interest for behavioral economists. In January 2005, Loveman was recognized by Institutional Investor magazine for the second consecutive year as 'Best CEO' in the gaming and lodging industries. Before joining Harrah's, Loveman was an associate professor at the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration.

Course 14 Forum
An open forum with Professor Gruber, Head of Undergraduate Education. This is the time to raise and address concerns regarding how to better the economics department at MIT. Topics may include: class structuring (14.03 vs 14.04, 14.05 vs. 14.06, 14.32 vs. 14.33), scheduling, electives, etc. Please try to attend!
Lunch Provided.

Course 14 OPEN HOUSE
Wednesday, March 2, 2005
4-5pm in the Faculty Club

UEA Internship Panel
This annual event features numerous Course 14 Seniors and Juniors speaking about their summer internships. This is a great opportunity for underclassmen in Course 14, or those generally interested in economics, to find out what types of internships are available. Our panel will feature interns from a variety of fields, including banking, trading, consulting, and research. If you're a sophomore or junior who is interested in obtaining a summer internship, not only will you become aware of different opportunities out there for econ majors, but you may also gain valuable contacts with upperclassmen, many of whom can help you get in to the job you want.