Majoring in Economics (
Describes MIT's Economics Major (Course 14) and what courses one needs to take to receive the degree. Information is maintained by MIT Economics department.

Minoring in Economics (
Describes MIT's Minor in Economics and the courses one needs to take. Information is maintained by MIT Economics department.

Concentrating in Economics and HASS Distribution (
information maintained by the Economics department regarding the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) concentration in Economics.

Current Classes Offered (
Short description of each course, when it's offered, and who the professor is. This info changes every semester, and is maintained by MIT.

Transfer Credit Information (
This page describes MIT's undergraduate transfer policies for Economics courses taken at other colleges. This information is maintained by the MIT Economics department.

MIT Career Services for Students (
This site has a ton of useful information. Some of the things you can find here are: information about career fairs and on-campus company presentations, on-campus recruiting (MonsterTrak), mock interviews, career advice, Alumni network (ICAN), and much more. Also, Career Services run workshops on various career related topics, and those could be worthwhile. You should also be aware that you can submit your resume for proofreading and feedback, which is something that everyone should do before they give it out to potential employers.

Careers-in-Finance (
If you want to learn about the different areas within finance, this site gives you a description of each area (Investment Banking, Money Management, etc), and tells you who the big players are in each area. This is a good starting point if you think that finance could be right for you, but are not sure about what it entails or what the different areas within the field entail. Alternatively, if you know which area of finance you want to go into, this is a good place to learn about the industry and learn about other places that you can get info from. (
This job site focuses on those who are looking for internships or are graduating from college. The best part is the way the site walks you through the job search process, starting with preparation, through the resume/cover letter stage, then onto the interviews and finishing with negotiating your offer. A lot of the tutorial is written by people who used to be senior recruiters for large firms, or recruiting managers, so it's definitely a valuable site to read. (
The site is specifically customized to include all internship, full-time and RAship opportunities that may appeal to economics majors at MIT. If you find a listing on the site, then the firm is definitely interested in economics majors like you. Interview Page (
This is a great place to go if you want to know all about the interview process. Here you can find sample questions, descriptions about the different types of interviews, and other things that you could find useful. The most important thing in interviewing is to know what you want, know what the person across the table from you wants in a candidate, and then know how to present yourself in such a way as to convince him or her that you are that person. This doesn't mean that you have to act like someone else to get the job, but it does mean that you have to highlight those aspects of your background and personality that will most appeal to the interviewer. This means doing a decent amount of research for each interview, as well as knowing how to answer common questions. (
The projects are part of a comprehensive database of scholarships and potential careers for anyone interested in pursuing a degree in economics. The directory flters scholarships and looks at the different career opportunities by a variety of characteristics, ensuring students find ones that they are eligible for.

inGenius Prep (
The inGenius group has former admissions officers from the most competitive schools around the country, and top students from the best graduate programs. The group offers admission consulting for undergraduate college, law school, business school, and medical school. For MIT students discount please contact UEA. (
EjobApplication is a job application and free career information resource for job seekers seeking employment opportunities. It helps with specific interview and resume tips as well as information on how to apply online and offline to major companies.