MIT European Club 1987 spring break

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 part IV


1987. Glorious year for the glorious MIT European Club. Jean-Charles de Hemptime was President. Malcolm Levitt, trip organizer, and (classic) guitar player on duty. Julien Piot, (flamenco) guitar player on duty. Pedro Ferraz de Abreu, the veteran MIT European Club member since 1986, (fake) guitar player off-duty. Many others, like Farah Assad, Allison Adams, Latha Kadalayil, Ariane de Agostini, etc, were bright examples of the faithful members and trip-goers. This is the story of one of the (in)famous trips, Spring Break time.


 It all started at Harvard Str., Cambridge, Pedro's place.


A (very) serious and thourough trip planning meeting, according to the tradition of the Euros of that time.


 The moment we arrived Miami Beach, all planning was forgotten. Strange.


Instead, we tried to build a human pyramid. We failed, but we did try.


 Jean-Charles, our EC President (far left), was the wisest of the bunch (of course).


All the rest of us (specially Pedro) got bad sun-burns right the very first day...


But more was to come...