How to talk a girl whom u find attractive but ur just too nerdy to act normal around)

Now walking around campus here at MIT, I've noticed plenty of nerds. These nerds appear even more nerdy because they dont act normal around a girl they find attractive. It's like they start thinking with the wrong body parts.
Here's a typical scene:
Attractive girl is walking toward our nerd.
Nerd: "Wow! Gee Whiz! Look at Sally. She's terrific!"
Sally does her sexy walk and stops to talk to her girlfriends. Nerd gets the guts to talk to her.
Nerd: "Um, Salutations, Sally."
The worst thing about nerds is that they either have that high nasal voice or that nerdy laugh or both. You know that voice...sounds like they aint reached puberty yet... And that nervous laugh...they got their eyes closed, their nose pushed up very high and that goofy smile with the two front teeth showing.. and they dont really laugh..its more like a guffaw.
So now here comes the conversation:
The girl, having a good hair day, actually stops to talk to our nerd.
Sally: "Hi nerd"
Nerd: "Wow, Sally. You look great by golly. You're like a Roman goddess, or a Greek goddess, whichever you prefer. I prefer Roman, but whatever you like is fine by me."
Notice how our nerd rambles about nothing. So instead of asking questions and showing interest in our Sally, he talks about the nerdiest things
Nerd: "Hey, Sally...I was wondering if you'd like to see my science experiment. It will revolutionize the world. It is really amazing (GUFFAW). I don't know if anyone could have come up with something like that except for me of course, since I'm so smart and all. I was voted the smartest person in my high school although it really didn't take much. (GUFFAW!) Did you know that I got a 1600 on my SAT's. Yea, I got straight A's. I am so smart. (GUFFAW)"
Notice how nerd never talked about the ability to run, jump or do anything athletic. Of course not, our nerd is pathetic. In his mind, he believes that bragging about the dumbest thing will get this girl to notice him...In fact what he doesn't notice, is that in between in his GUFFAWING, our Sally has walked away and has engaged conversation with our athletic friend Tyrone (he african-american)....GUFFAW!
So too all you nerds trying to get that special Sally to notice you, I would suggest you quit. Because more like than not, you are going to ruin everything. But if you decide to do the dumb thing and go against my advice,  try to avoid everything our nerd has done in the story....good luck.