MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Find Projects and Apply

As an academic program, UROP requires students to submit UROP applications each semester/summer so that we can evaluate the content and scope of your planned research.

MIT and CME Student Applications

For MIT undergraduates and Cambridge/MIT Exchange students, applications are submitted online. All applications include a research proposal detailing your research plan for the given semester. See the Application Instructions page for details on the online application process and complete instructions.

In addition, please be aware that evaluations are required at the end of each term that you participate in UROP.

Note: you will not be able to submit an online application for your faculty member to review, until you have provided your student evaluation.

Wellesley College Student Applications

Wellesley Collegue students submit hard-copy paperwork, consisting of the following items:

If you are a Wellesley student interested in UROP, please see the Wellesley College Students page for complete information on how to find and apply for UROPs at MIT.

Access the MIT Student UROP Online Proposal System Homepage

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