MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Find Projects and Apply: Application Instructions

MIT and CME exchange students complete the UROP application process online, whereas Wellesley College students submit hard copy applications.

Comprehensive instructions for the online UROP application process, can be found below. Wellesley College students should visit the Wellesley Student Applications page for additional cross-registration details.

Online applications must be initiated and submitted to your faculty supervisor for his/her review no later than 5 PM on the posted UROP deadline (the application system will lock after 5 pm and will not allow you to start new applications). Faculty and departments have additional time to complete their reviews following the deadline.

Online Application Instructions


Since UROP is an academic program, you must be a registered, UROP-eligible undergraduate in order to participate and use the on-line proposal system.

Accessing the Online Proposal System

Use of this system requires authentication using MIT web certificates. Once you have certificates installed, you can access your UROP student homepage via the following link: We recommend that you bookmark this link for future reference.

Your UROP Home Page displays options to view your current and past UROP applications or to initiate a new UROP application.

Screenshot of Student Homepage

Viewing Current and Past Records

Providing UROP Evaluations

Before beginning a new UROP application, please be sure to submit any outstanding evaluations from your prior UROPs. Note: Evaluations are due at the end of each term of UROP collaboration, and must be submitted before subsequent UROP's are approved.

Beginning a new UROP application

If no applications are currently being accepted, you will see the following message: "No UROP applications can be accepted at this time. Recent and upcoming deadlines are shown below." Otherwise, you will be able to submit any of the various application types that will be accepted at that time.

Deadlines for which applications are being accepted appear in black text.

Screenshot of UROP online proposals step 1

Screenshot of UROP online proposals step 2

Screenshot of UROP online proposals step 3

Screenshot of UROP online proposals step 4 NOTE: Your application must be signed (electronically or as a paper form) by your faculty supervisor and his/her department's UROP coordinator before it can be submitted to the UROP staff

Screenshot of UROP online proposals step 5

To Withdraw/Cancel an Application

If you have to cancel an application that you have previously submitted, click on the "View your UROP applications. " Then, select the application that you wish to cancel, by clicking the link on your faculty supervisor's name.

At the bottom of your application detail, you will see a Withdraw Application section complete with a text box in which you can supply the reason for canceling the UROP. Clicking the Withdraw Application button will cancel the UROP and alert UROP staff of the cancellation.

Understanding UROP Status Codes

Below you will find a list of the common status codes that you will encounter in the UROP system, along with their equivalent meaning.

NOTE: When applications are returned, you must initiate a new application and resubmit it to change the funding type or correct errors/omissions.

How to Report System Issues, Concerns, and/or Suggestions

Please note: the system is NOT available between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. EDT due to regularly scheduled server maintenance.

Should you encounter any error messages when using the online system, please copy and paste the text of the message into an email to UROP staff at:, so that we can troubleshoot the issue and get you back online as quickly as possible.

In addition, should you have any other system concerns or usability suggestions that you wish to share with our staff, do let us know.

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