MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
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Find Projects and Apply: Preparing for UROP

While formal research preparation may not be necessary for every UROP, some faculty and departments do seek students who have already completed certain classes or who have some level of research background.

Students interested in research preparation, should consider enrolling in an introductory laboratory subjects and/or specific departmental seminars. Participating in these subjects is a good way to get an idea of what research will be like. See the Online Subject Listing and Schedule for the list of classes and seminars offered this semester. For a list of classes offered over the summer, please refer to the MIT Summer Session Catalog.

You should also consider speaking with the UROP Coordinator for the department in which you are interested in conducting a UROP for advice on other types of preparation that would help you prepare for research in that particular field.

Payroll Eligibility

Safety Training

Since you are not authorized to begin your UROP research until all department and EHS safety training requirements have been fulfilled, you may want to consider completing online MIT EHS Training before you begin your UROP search.

Once you find a UROP, be sure to speak with your UROP supervisor about the specific training needs and requirements relevant to your UROP project, before you begin your research.

Carefully review the Safety Requirements page in the Guidelines section for more information on MIT's policies regarding laboratory safety and training that you may need to complete.


Ethical Expectations

UROP expects participants to conduct themselves with the same integrity and high standards of conduct expected of all members of the MIT community. The Institute is extraordinarily diverse, and the ability to work with others is important.

Students are urged to meet with their supervisors to discuss issues of data handling, research practices, laboratory rules, etc., and to share expectations regarding records and reporting of time spent on a project. Faculty are expected to be available to students, to answer questions and treat student researchers fairly.

Be sure to review the information and advice provided on the Ethical Expectations and Responsible & Ethical Conduct of Research (RCR) pages in the Guidelines section to learn more about research ethics and associated expectations.

Academic Integrity

MIT expects all students to uphold high standards of academic honesty and personal conduct. Please review the MIT Academic Integrity Handbook for guidelines and helpful tips.

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