MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

For Department Coordinators: First-Year Students

You may be contacted by first-year students who are interested in becoming involved in UROP within your department.

While, students are welcome to participate in UROP at any time, we strongly encourage first-term freshman to hold off on UROP. Instead, they should use their first semester to: get to know MIT, adjust to the schedule of classes and coursework, get to know the resources that the community has to offer, and campus life.  IAP can be a great time for a first-year student to begin a UROP, since they generally are not engaged in for-credit classes during this period.

Should you have freshman approaching you regarding beginning UROP in their first semester, please feel free to use your professional judgment as to whether or not they are prepared to plunge into UROP.

If you feel that the first-year student should speak to a member of the UROP staff for help in finding a UROP, please direct them to contact UROP's Program Coordinator, Melissa Martin-Greene. You can also refer first-year students to our advice on finding a UROP.

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