MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

For Department Coordinators: Using the Online UROP System

The UROP application process is online. Note: students must initiate their applications no later than 5 PM on the posted UROP deadline for the given term/mode of participation.

Comprehensive instructions to help you navigate the online UROP application and review process, can be found below, including:

Using the Online UROP System

Use of the UROP system requires authentication via web certificates or kerberos username and password. You can access your UROP homepage via the following link:

Your homepage displays options to:

UROP Homepage Screenshot

Reviewing Online Proposals

UROP Homepage Screenshot 2

UROP Homepage Screenshot 3

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Both the student's faculty supervisor and you, as the department's UROP coordinator, must approve all UROP applications either electronically or on a hard-copy form printed for your signature, before they can be submitted to the UROP staff.

Searching UROP Projects

To look up current and past student projects supervised by faculty in your department, simply click on the Search UROP records link, which will bring you to a search page that will allow you to search for projects by student and or faculty member name, student ID, term, UROP type, application status, and a number of other options.

UROP Homepage Screenshot 5

If you are unsure about the spelling of a given name, you can use a portion of the letters and the % symbol (e.g. smit%) to call up all records that begin with the given letter combination.

From the search page, you may also elect to view query results as a query list, as a list of student or faculty contact information only, or as a student or faculty email list.

In addition, you may choose to export your results in either Excel or XML format.

NOTE: Only those UROPs supervised from Fall 1995 to present are available for online viewing. Any projects submitted in the old paper format will display project details only and will not include proposals for online viewing.

Running UROP Reports

You may need various reports that detail UROP participation in your area. To obtain such reports and summary statistics for UROP projects in your department, simply click on the Request UROP Reports link.

UROP Homepage Screenshot 6

From the Reports page, you may either:

NOTE: Once the given report is produced, you may choose to download the report in Excel, XML, or PDF format. Also, please be aware that reports can only be run on data from Fall 2003 to present.

Verifying Faculty Authorizations for Your Department

We ask that you periodically review the list of individuals who are currently authorized to serve as faculty supervisors in your area.

UROP Homepage Screenshot 7

Understanding UROP Status Codes

Below you will find a list of the common status codes that you will encounter in the UROP system, along with their equivalent meaning.

NOTE: when applications are returned to the student, s/he must initiate a new application and resubmit it to change the funding type or correct errors/omissions. Students will not be able to initiate a new application after the UROP deadline for the given term has passed.

How to Report System Issues or Other Concerns/Suggestions

Please note: the the system is NOT available between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. EDT due to regularly scheduled server maintenance.

Should you encounter any other error messages when using the online system, please copy and paste the text of the message into an email to UROP staff at:, so that we can troubleshoot the issue and get you back online as quickly as possible.

In addition, should you have any other system concerns or usability suggestions that you wish to share with our staff, do let us know.

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